Winemaker Anthony's thoughts
on aging Denner wines and when to drink:

I can make all the educated guesses I want about how long a wine will age based on flavor, extraction, tannin, acid, and alcohol, but there is no way to know when that wine will no longer improve with time. Typically younger wines will show more primary characters of fruit derived flavors. As they mature they show more secondary flavors such as earth and spice. There will also be a softening of tannins and flavor intensity. So if you like bright fruit driven wines, you will enjoy our wines in their youth (1-3 years). If you like more earth, spice and savory components, hang on to our wines for a little longer (4-15 years) before drinking them. For those laying down our wines in your cellar, I have put together year ranges with my best guesses - and they’re nothing more than that - of when these wines will be in their ‘prime’ for drinking.

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Dirt Worshipper™

Ditch Digger™


Mother of Exiles

Gold Digger


Sacred Burro