Holiday Orders


Let us take care of the holiday gifting for you! Pick the wine, give us the address and gift message, and we'll take care of the rest!

Suggested Wine Selections:

Set holiday gatherings up for success with a large format bottle from our 2019 vintage.

2019 Ditch Digger Magnum

2019 Dirt Worshipper Magnum

2019 Mother of Exiles Magnum

Send a few bottles from our Fall release! 

2020 Grenache

2020 Dirt Worshipper

Shipping and Order Deadlines:


All states east of the Rockies- please place your order by Wednesday, 12/7/22 for scheduled arrival before Christmas. WA, OR, ID, NV, AZ, CA- please place your order by Wednesday, 12/14/22. These are the safest parameters (for arrival before Christmas) but as always if you reach out to us we will do our very best to honor customized ship dates!

Orders will ship as soon as possible. Please be aware that while we will ship with the intention of your wine arriving before Christmas, increased holiday shipping volume may cause delays with shipping carriers. We recommend letting the wine rest for about two weeks prior to enjoying.

Additional Instructions:

Single Gift Orders to Family or Friends:

Just one extra step in the normal website checkout process and your order becomes a holiday gift!

1. Login on our website and navigate to the wines page.
2. Add the Holiday Card to your cart along with your chosen wines.
3. While proceeding through checkout, be sure to include your gift message beneath the 'Ship to' address information. This message will be printed in the Holiday Card and shipped with the order.

Corporate or Multiple Gift Orders:

Thanks for choosing Denner wine as a gift for your clients! The following simple steps will guide you through the ordering process.

1. Download this sample spreadsheet.
2. Fill out each of the columns with your recipients’ information. 

  • If a gift message is provided, this will be printed on a holiday card and included in the order. 
  • Optional Fields:
    • Company
    • Address2 (For Apartment or Suite #, etc.)
    • Recipient Phone & Recipient Email
      • These will be used for delivery purposes or to send tracking information. If not provided, your contact information will be used should delivery issues occur.
  • Gift Message
    • If you would like a holiday card with a message, please include a gift message.

3. Send an email to with the completed spreadsheet and the following additional information:

  • Wine Selection - What wines you would like to send? (Suggestions above. We typically ship the same wines to each of your customers. If you would like to customize each order, we can provide a different spreadsheet for wine customization.)
  • Credit Card - What credit card would you like to charge? A single charge for the total of all orders will be processed. We can use your card on file or an alternate card if preferred. (If you will be using an alternate card, please don't email us your card numbers; give us a call at 805-239-4287 to provide the credit card.)
  • Tracking Option - Would you like to receive the tracking information for each order? Alternately, we can email this individually to each of your recipients. Tracking information is sent as soon as the order is shipped. 

"Voila! Your holiday ordering is done!"