Digging In
With Denner
What better way to really “Dig In” to Denner wines than to explore videos from our production and vineyard staff highlighting many of our great wines…
2021 Rosé
The winemaking Krewe dives into the production of the new 2021 Rosé.
All Spring 2022 Releases
Anthony and Aron review the 2019 and 2020 vintages, and the Spring 2022 wine lineup. 2020 Theresa, 2020 Zin, 2019 Gold Digger, 2019 Ditch Digger, and 2019 Mother of Exiles
Spring 2022 Release Q&A
Anthony and Aron answer questions from the Denner Krewe about the Spring 2022 wine release, Denner winemaking practices, and vineyard practices.
2019 Mother of Exiles
Anthony and Aron chat with the Denner Krewe about the new 2019 Mother of Exiles wine — 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Petit Verdot, 12% Tannat, 7% Merlot, 6% Cabernet Franc.
2020 Theresa
Anthony and Aron chat with the Denner Krewe about this flagship white blend. 40% Roussanne, 22% Grenache Blanc, 12% Picpoul, 12% Marsanne, 8% Clairette Blanche, 6% Vermentino
2020 Zinfandel
Anthony and Aron chat with the Denner Krewe about the 2020 Zinfandel, growing Zinfandel and Primitivo on our estate, and other interesting thoughts on the wine.
2019 Ditch Digger Video Page
Aron and Anthony talk through the latest vintage of one of our flagship wines, the Denner Ditch Digger.
2019 Gold Digger
Aron and Anthony describe the newest release of the Denner Gold Digger wine.
Fall 2021 Release Wines
The Denner winemaking and vineyard Krewe chats about the new 2019 vintage releases.
2019 Viognier
Anthony touches on the 2019 growing season as well as the new 2019 Viognier
2019 Cirrus
Riker chats from the cellar about the newest Denner Cloud Series wine, the 2019 Cirrus.
2019 Dirt Worshipper
Cellar Master, Paul, takes us on a ride through the 2019 Dirt Worshipper.
2019 Sacred Burro
Anthony chats with us about what to expect of this unique grape variety, Carignan.
2019 Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyard Manager, Aron, chats with us about the new Cab from the Cabernet block our in our estate vineyard.
2019 Vermentino
Anthony and Paul taste the 2019 Vermentino amongst the vines where the Vermentino fruit is going through veraison.
2018 Syrah
The Denner Krewe chats about the 2018 Estate Syrah while Aron grills up his famous carne asada in the vineyard.
2018 Ditch Digger Concrete
The Denner winemaking Krewe makes pizzas with past Denner intern, Chef Caleb of Lebber's Pizza, to pair with the new Ditch Digger Concrete.
2018 Stratus
Anthony and Aron hang in our Mourvèdre block and talk about the newest release of the 2018 Stratus — a Mourvèdre based blend from the Denner Cloud Series wines.
2020 Rosé
Will Assistant Winemaker, Alex Kemp, survive the hot wings? Watch the heat and learn about the newest vintage of the 2020 Denner Rosé.
2018 Gold Digger
Winemaker, Anthony, talks to us about a new Denner wine — the Gold Digger.
2018 Ditch Digger
Anthony chats with us in the cellar about the 2018 Ditch Digger.
2019 Theresa
Vineyard Manager, Aron, chats with us about the 2019 Theresa and pruning in the vineyard.
2019 Zinfandel
Alex shows us the Zinfandel block in the vineyard and describes the 2019 Zinfandel.
2018 Mother of Exiles
Alex chats with us in the vineyard about the 2018 Mother of Exiles.
Winter 2020 Vineyard Check-in
Paul chats with Vineyard Manager Aron Nevarez about what's going on in the vineyard now and his recent award for Vineyard Manager of the year in Paso Robles County.
2017 Mother of Exiles Pairings
Members of the Denner Krewe let us know what they would pair with the 2017 Mother of Exiles. Grab some before it's gone!
2017 Cabernet
Anthony and Alex chat about the newest 2017 Cabernet and what makes it different from the Mother of Exiles while in the vineyard.
The 2018 Vermentino - Vineyard & Cellar
Aron and Anthony discuss Vermentino in our estate vineyard. Anthony and Alex chat characteristics, fermentation, and history of the wine in the cellar.
Ditch Digger and Ditch Digger Concrete 2011 and 2017 vintage
Anthony and Alex taste the 2011 and 2017 vintages of the Ditch Digger and Ditch Digger Concrete. Alex gives a little history on concrete vessels in winemaking
2018 Sacred Burro
Anthony and Aron chat about the 2018 Sacred Burro, the history of the Sacred Burro here at Denner and Carignan vines in our vineyards. Ron Denner joins in to tell a little about how the name came to be!
2018 Dirt Worshipper
This viscerally thrilling wine explodes with aromas of olive tapenade, white pepper, violets, blackberry, and smoked paprika.
2018 Viognier
Anthony and Alex chat about the newest 2017 Cabernet and what makes it different from the Mother of Exiles while in the vineyard.
2018 Grenache
Ripe red raspberry, grenadine, chimichurri, and fennel pollen are just a few of the intoxicating aromas that introduce this stunning Grenache.
2018 Cabernet Sauvignon
Nearly opaque in the glass this wine offers classy aromas of cassis, iris, leather, graphite, and dust resting on a wood floor.
2013 Tasting Series
The Ditch Digger story and 2013 Ditch Digger
Ron Denner tells the Ditch Digger story. Alex, Aron, and Paul chat in the vineyards about the 2013 Ditch Digger — how it's tasting, and how the 2013 growing season in the vineyard affected the vines and fruit.
2013 Grenache
Alex and Paul taste the 3013 Grenache in the middle of our head-trained Grenache block.
2013 Syrah
Alex and Paul taste the 2013 Syrah out in the vineyard.
2013 Dirt Worshipper
Alex and Paul visit the Bassetti Vineyard to chat about the 2013 Dirt Worshipper and the varying characteristics of this Syrah blend that come from the non-estate vineyards we source fruit from.