Welcome to Denner Vineyards

Our wines are site specific, anchored in time and place, and showcase the vibrancy and freshness of our estate fruit. Come join us. With views showcasing the Santa Lucia’s dips and hallows, Denner vines, and neighboring barley and safflower fields, you would be hard-pressed to find a more lovely vista of Paso Robles’ distinguished Willow Creek District.

Denner wine bottles lined up in a vineyard.

Winemaking Philosophy

The Denner Vineyards wines are genuine expressions of the vintage and vineyard that they were grown in, but also of the people that make them. While we would love to paint the picture of these wines making themselves because of the uniqueness of our soil and the powerful temperature swings in our weather, the truth is our wines taste like the time and place in which they were grown because we work incredibly hard to make them that way.

We can pontificate about the excruciating attention to detail we practice at every step of the wine growing process, but really, the most important decisions we make in any year are those to not act at all. To not irrigate even though it’s hotter than Hades, to not sort despite there being ripeness variation, or to not rack during aging even when there’s some reduction in the wines. These are the decisions that create wines with character — that make them true to this vineyard, their vintage, and to the people that made them. But most importantly, these are the decisions we make that create wines that are delicious, complex, and singular.

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